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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ticket Stub Nostalgia: My life in concerts

Dipping back into the box of ticket stubs for some concert induced nostalgia.


The Who concert at Rosemont Horizon was my first concert ever - and thirty years a month later I'll be seeing them again at the same venue. The Sisters of Mercy show was a pretty crappy experience since Andrew Eldritch walked off stage during the second song after a girl ran on stage and hugged him and he never came back. I'm glad I saw the Clash, but it was with an asterisk since it was the post Mick Jones Clash on the Cut the Crap tour. The Cars concert goes down in my book as the second most boring I ever saw (seeing Yanni for a work function tops the list). Lords of the New Church were fantastic - it's a shame I never got another chance to see them live. The REM show was ther first show I saw in college and it was the first show I ever walked to, which seemed absolutely surreal since I was so used to have to trek into the city to see a live band.

The REM show was the one with Dream Syndicate opening that later resulted in their live record. I'm pretty sure that that was the Graham Parker show where he did the setlist chronologically by album release.

Two Finn Brothers ticket sutbs? The Mrs' ticket must have gotten into the batch. We'll just say it's one stub for each Finn brother.

Didjits are the band I've seen more live than other band by a longshot, but I don't have many ticket stubs since they tended to play at bars that didn't have preprinted tickets.

One of the benefits of keeping ticket stubs is reminding you of shows that you forgot you saw. I forgot I saw Power Station live on their comeback album tour. I even met Robert Palmer! Sadly Bernard Edwards died shortly before the tour - I would have loved to have seen him live.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dale,

    I just came across this blog entry from you. As you were not impressed with the gig by The Sisters of Mercy at the Cabaret Metro in 85, would you be willing to sell your ticket ? I'm a Sisters collector.