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Friday, August 17, 2012

MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo

And now we shuffle...

  1. the TROGGS - Summertime (Archeology 1867-1977) This is not the George Gershwin tune (which was a standard for many of the British Invasion bands to tackle). Instead, it's an easy going ode to the joys of Summer, with Reg Presley's vocal delivery that makes everything sound just a little bit naughty.
  2. JON LANGFORD - Hard Times (All the Fame of Lofty Deeds 2004) The former Mekon in full blown Johnny Cash mode.
  3. TENPOLE TUDOR - Fashion (Wunderbar: the Best of) Edward Tudorpole could hardly carry a tune, but he had a grand sense of sing-along fun. And thanks to his association with the Sex Pistols (namely for singing "Who Killed Bambi" in the the Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle) he achieved enough notoriety to get a few records out.
  4. REM - the Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (Automatic for the People 1992) Not one of my REM faves.
  5. DISPOSABLE HEROES of HIPHOPCRISY - Water Pistol Man (Hipocrisy is the Greatest 1992) One of the more laidback tunes with a hypnotic groove from Michael Franti's post Beatnigs/pre Spearhead band. Michael always has a bit of Gil Scott-Heron in his delivery, but here it seems extra Gilesque.
  6. the BEACH BOYS - I'm the Pied Piper (Holland 1973) One of the bonus cuts from the Mount Vernon and Fairway EP. This is probably my least favorite Beach Boys record of their first decade and a half.
  7. SAM the SHAM & the PHARAOHS - (I'm in With) the Out Crowd (Best of) Dumb fun 60's pop. "We don't have fancy clothes and cars but we're as groovy as can be"
  8. the STOOGES - LA Blues (Fun House 1970) The crazy-ass freejazz closer to the band's second album with Iggy kicking out some even-more-freaked-out-than-normal howling.
  9. the SHOP ASSISTANTS - Nature Lover (Will Anything Happen collection) A manic and delightful number from the Edinburgh band's self titled 1987 debut.
  10. POP WILL EAT ITSELF - She's Surreal (Box Frenzy 1987) From the band's debut.

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