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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shuffle-a-gogo: MP3 player and random team up

10 more songs on shuffle on the MP3 player with real time comments....

1. CHEAP TRICK - Baby Loves to Rock - The first side of All Shook Up is easily my fave Cheap Trick album side, and this is one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs.
2. AMBOY DUKES - Baby Please Don't Go - This might be one of those songs that you just can't do a bad version of.
3. JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH - The Bertha Butt Boogie - Christ, I don't even remember putting this on my MP3 player, but I'm glad I did. Is it just me, or does this song sound like a funky collision of Frank Zappa and Ray Stevens? I know this song is going to be stuck in my head tomorrow.
4. the RECORDS - I Don't Rmember Your Name - Yeah, I love Teenarama and Starry Eyes like any other self respecting power pop geek, but this is about as perfect as a pop song gets. And I love the "west end" / "best friend" rhyme.
5. PIXIES - Space (I Believe In) - The intro doesn't really go anywhere, and I couldn't remember why this made the cut when putting songs onto the player, but once that "Jefrey with one F" part kicks in it's a killer Pixies cut.
6. PSYCHEDELIC FURS - I Wanna Sleep With You - Pretty much anything off of those first three Furs albums is a welcome treat on shuffle.
7. LL COOL J - I Can't Live Without My Radio - After that Records/Pixies/P Furs trifecta I'm not really in the mood for LL. Sorry, but next cut please.
8. the SUNRAYS - I Live For the Sun - Good dumb fun surf pop. Although I can't hear this without thinking of the Surf Punks cover ("You're block-ing my rays!"). Whooooh-ooooh-ooooh.
9. U2 - Wild Honey - When it started I thought this was mistake - it didn't sound like the kind of U2 song I'd like, but damn this is a solid song.
10. SUPERCHUNK - My Noise - This is one of those songs that sounded bigger than life when it came out 15+ years ago and still does today.

Whoooh whoooh.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mix Disc Covers: some more single artist best-ofs

Once again, some old single artist best of mixes...


ABOVE: the dB's were another band that I could not condense to a single disc.
BELOW: the Kingston Trio (but only the early Dave Guard years) and Nirvana. For the Nirvana I used the Rolling Stone cover of Bart Simpson, but had to cut an extra finger to make it genitalisticly closer to the original cover.

ABOVE: the Tall Dwarfs
BELOW: Teardrop Explodes and Didjits