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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheap Trick + Blackhawks = potential t-shirt

Not that the world needed another Cheap Trick logo parody, but here it is. I listened to a bunch of Cheap Trick this afternoon and while watching the Chicago Blackhawks beat St Louis tonight I thought this might be a cool combo. This was only intended to be a mock-up to see how it would look and to decide if I wanted to do it for real, but I was happy with how it turned out already. Looks wise it would have worked better with Blackhawks as two words, but I think the point still works.

Now I need to find a print-to-order t-shirt place because I want this on a shirt.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo

I did a shuffle for MetaChat and am cross posting it here.

1. ECHO & the BUNNYMEN - Lost On You (What Are You Going to Do With Your Life? 1997) The later Echo albums pale in comparison to the first four, but the songs still sound great coming up on a shuffle. 
2. the PRIMITIVES - Thru the Flowers (Lovely 1988) I played this album nonstop when it came out, Still sounds great.
3. KIM WILDE - Kids In America (Kim Wilde 1981) Another album I played nonstop when it came out. This is one of my favorite new wave songs, but rest of the album is quite good as well.
4. the KNACK - Good Girls Don't (Get the Knack 1979) Maybe the first power pop album I ever bought. Although at the time I think I liked the Alvin and the Chipmunks version from Chipmunk Punk better.
5. the DOVES - Black and White Town (Best of the Doves) Love the larger-than-life production on this song. Sounds like a Motown record with pounding drums and modern British vocals. Actually, I never thought about it before, but this sounds like later Jam.
 6. JASON and the SCORCHERS - Both Sides of the Line (Fervor 1983) A killer blast of American rock and roll. Live this song was an absolute monster (as the video linked shows).
 7. the SCREAMING TRIBESMEN - Igloo (Bones + Flowers 1987) For a few songs I was sure that Screaming Tribesmen were going to be my favorite band, but they lost steam pretty quickly. This song always reminds me a bit of Mitch Easter vocally.
8. the MABUSES - Cubicles (Mabuses 1993) Syd Barrett influenced psychedelic pop that came out on Kramer's Shimmy Disc.
9. DAVID BOWIE - Seven Years in Tibet (Earthling 1997) I really like Bowie's mid 90's forays into industrial and techno and I think they've held up quite well. Earthling and Outside have their share of filler, but both have enough strong songs to get me to return to them on a regular basis.
10. the DISTILLERS - Hall of Mirrors (Coral Fang 2003) 2003?!? I guess I can't refer to this as "one of my favorite punk albums of the past decade" anymore. I absolutely love Brody Dalle's shredded vocal style. Hadn't heard from her in a while so I looked her up and am glad to see she's making a new album with Alain Johannes (Spinerette) Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age) and Shirley Manson.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

the First Doodles of 2013 - a new sketchbook just itching to be filled.

Rather than keep doodling in the sketchbook I've been using on-and-off all last year I decided to start the year off with a new sketchbook. Below is a cover page (?!?!) featuring me and my three cats.

a new Sketchook to start out 2013

My favorite drawing pen (black medium tipped Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen) ran out of ink and apparently I forgot to restock backups, so I decided to give another try to brush tip markers. Below are two pages of doodles, really just trying to see if I can control the lines at all. Sort of digging the results, which means I might give the pen some more doodle time and see if we can become friends.

First doodles of 2013. Taking a new pen out for a test drive