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Friday, August 3, 2012

Shuffle-a-gogo - some random MP3 player action

Shuffle-a-gogo: MP3 player device of choice set on shuffle, the first 10 songs that pop up (no skipping!), and posted.

  1. STEREOLAB - Wow and Flutter (Mars Audiac Quintet 1994) For a few years Stereolab seemed like one of the coolest bands in the world, and then one day for no apparent reason I just stopped listening to them. It was around the same time I moved the Ultra Lounge CDs to the garage. And then recently I ripped a few Stereolab albums to the MP3 player and was pleasantly surprised at how great they sound again. Maybe I just needed an extended Stereolab vacation to recharge my love of them.
  2. TOMMY KEENE - Light of Love (Based on Happy Times 1989) From one of Tommy's two major label albums. The production is more beefed up and the guitars are a bit more muscular, but it's still unmistakably Tommy Keene.
  3. the DISTILLERS - Die on a Rope (Coral Fang 2003) From the LA band's last album - which is one of my favorite punk albums of the past decade. Featuring the raspy, pushed-to-the-max vocals of Brody Dalle.
  4. LE SERA - I Can't Keep You In My Mind (See the Light 2012) Le Sera is the solo project for Vivian Girls' bassist Katy Goodman. Real nice girl-group sounding indie rock. Currently a 2012 Top 20 contender.
  5. TED LEO & the PHARMACISTS - Woke Up Near Chelsea (the Brutalist Bricks 2010) Ted Leo is so damn consistent that I often have a hard time singling out a few songs as favorites, but this one off of his 6th album is up there.
  6. IGGY POP - the Passenger (Lust for Life 1977) La la la la La la la la. La la la la LA la la la!
  7. ROGER DALTRY - Avenging Annie (One of the Boys 1977) Roger's take on the Andy Pratt song - but since he was so macho he chose not to sing it from the point of view of Annie.
  8. DISAPPEARS - Hibernation Sickness (Pre Language 2012) Post punk from a Chicago band that obviously owns at least a few Fall albums.
  9. SCREAMING TRIBESMAN - Dream Away (Bones + Flowers 1987) Australian band with a vocalist that sounds quite a bit like Mitch Easter.
  10. JAMES - Come Home (Gold Mother 1990) I remember this sounds was absolutely huge live when I saw them at Metro and it just kept going and getting larger and larger. James were a great live band. 

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