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Sunday, March 27, 2011

CBGBs circa 2004

A few pics from the only time I was in CBBGs. I don't even remember who was playing the night I was there - I vaguely recall them sounding like a poor man's Jon Spencer.

Heading down to the bathrooms

Looking into the bar from the side of the stage.

Still more unused phrases and song titles....

With no real reason for existing, here are some more song titles for songs never written.

Alice in Fiscal Year End
Love Theme from Dinner Alone
Ritalin Through the Out Door
Some Shit Just Smells Better Than Other Shit
Crash Site Quarterback
Liar's Amnesia
Mr Know-it-Some
the Girl Group Boys Club
Trash Talk in Cursive
Flotsam to Your Jetsam
Philistine's Mozart
the Bert Parks Battering Ram
One Woman Laugh Track
Nitro in the Cookie Dough
Peacock in the Chicken Coop

A few of those were attached to bigger ideas, and maybe even a few lines of a verse or chorus, but most never made it past the title stage.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stacks o' Rock T-shirts

My wife just cleaned out her closet and I liked the way the t-shirts looked all stacked together...

...and yes, they're alphabetical. Apparently I'm not the only anal retentive one in the house.