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Friday, August 10, 2012

Shuffle-a-gogo (MP3 player plus random)

It's time for another shuffle.

  1. BUZZCOCKS - Isolation (Trade test Transmissions 1993) This catchy-as-all-hell Steve Diggle cut from the Buzzcocks first album after a decade plus silence fits in nicely with anything off of Singles Going Steady without sounding like a retread.
  2. XTC - New Town Animal (in a Furnished Cage) (White Music 1978) A herky jerky number off the first XTC album with some kooky Barry Andrews new wave keyboards.
  3. GEORGE MICHAEL - Praying for Time (Listen Without Prejudice 1990) I actually have nothing against George Michael, but I do not remember ever putting this on my MP3 player.
  4. SUPERSUCKERS - the Schmooze (La Mano Cornuda 1994) The ending to the band's second album, it's a phone message from Jack Endino trying to get into the big Mudhoney/Supersuckers show.
  5. the JAM - Pity Poor Alfie swing version (Direction Reaction box set) One of the "Bitterest Pill" b-sides - is there actually a non-swing version of this? This is the only version I know.
  6. the DISTILLERS - Drain the Blood (Coral Fang 2003) Something from Coral Fang coming up on shuffle two weeks in a row? Any excuse to mention Brody Dalle is OK with me.
  7. KELLEY STOLTZ - Words (Below the Branches 2006) A gentle tune with a 60's California pop feel from the underappreciated San Francisco singer/songwriter.
  8. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Fade Away (the River 1980) Yyyyyup. Springsteen. OK.
  9. CHRIS MARS - Popular Creep (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 1992) As great as I think Paul Westerberg is, the first two Chris Mars albums are my favorite and most played of all of the Replacement solo ventures. These songs are tailor-made to be heard in a bar, which bums me out that he never toured. I vaguely recall him planning to send a Chris Mars cover band on the road to support the album, but I don't think that ever actually happened.
  10. the CANDYSKINS - Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Death of a Minor TV Celebrity 1998) This is not a cover of the fabulous Specials song. 

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