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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Everything but the Jewel Case and 1/4th the space!

Tired of losing the war on space to my CD collection, I have begun converting jewel cases to plastic sleeves. 25 jewel cases (pictured below) take up as much space 105 CDs in sleeves!

Top-CDs in plastic sleeves. Bottom-jewel cases. It got little tricky with digipacks, but practicality finally won out over sentimentality and I took an exacto to them and cut them in half and trimmed them to fit in the sleeves. Since I don't plan to resell the CDs anyway, it's no big deal.

RIGHT: Here's a CD in the sleeve with the booklet on one side and the CD and tray card on the other side. And for the astute Didjits fan, yes the booklet is upside down for the sake of this picture (the front cover on the other side is upside down). For those of you playing at home, that's the Gatefold CD sleeve (SCDGF4) from Bags Unlimited.

This part seems to have made a few fellow music nerds cry. Continuing in the "conserving space" theme of breaking down my CDs to the much slimmer plastic sleeves, I've started on the box sets. It was a little harder to bring myself to reduce them to just CDs, covers, and the books, but once I brought myself to tear apart the Velvets and Nuggets box, everything else was pretty easy. Some boxes, like the Zombies, XTC, Grow Fins, and the Ornette Coleman are simply too beautiful to break apart, so they'll remain intact. But hopefully everything else will get broken down.