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Friday, July 5, 2013

New beer arrivals at the Agogo household: Summer Edition

We finally whittled down our beer inventory enough to merit bringing in a new selection. The focus this trip is on Summer beers.

Restocking beer at the Agogo Household: Summer edition

Left to right:

Rosa Hibiscus Ale from Chicago's always reliable Revolution Brewing Company. I didn't expect to care much for an ale steeped with hibiscus flowers orange peel, but the Mrs is a fan and I've got to admit it's quite refreshing.

Three beers from Chicago's first Latin American-owned microbrewery (maybe even the first in the US, but I'm sure on that) 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. Initially their beer was contract brewed by Argus and then Minhas, but I think everything is now done in-house at their new facility. I don't see anything on their website about an open taproom, but I'm hoping to get there in person sometime soon. 
5 Grass is their hoppy American Pale Ale. According to their website: "5 Grass is not exactly a pale ale; its malt profile is smoother than the classic style, and the hops are neither British or Cascadian in character."
5 Vulture is a Chile Beer/Oaxacan Style Dark.
5 Rabbit is their flagship American Blonde. 
Haven't tried the 5 Grass yet, but I can vouch for the wonderfulness of the other two. 5 Vulture is a treat, but it's distinct taste makes it more of one "have one and move on" beer for me. 5 Rabbit I could drink all night and be happy.

Sol and/or Tecate are our traditional house beers for the Summer. Opted for Sol this trip.

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