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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here's another batch of my favorite album covers. These are listed in no particular order. These aren't necessarily the greatest album covers of all time, just the ones that for one reason or another totally work me.

[ PART ONE here ]

ABOVEthe Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed (1969) I've always loved that weird Robert Brownjohn sculpture with the overloaded record-changer spindle topped off with a cake. Although I've got to be honest - I had that album for ten years before I realized the whole thing on was several different items and not just a cake. Here's a brief piece from the Daily Mail about the artwork going up for auction, which also has a picture of the design sketch.

ABOVE LEFT:  Big Black - Atomizer (1986) So simple, but effective and funny as hell.
ABOVE RIGHTthe Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People (1984) - great drawing from Stephen Blickenstaff

ABOVEXTC - Black Sea (1980) A fabulous band photo that really stood out compared to most of the covers of the time. The band's name doesn't directly appear, but it is hinted at in the seagull, ship's mast, and the moon partially obscured by the weather balloon. I've had two different versions of the album (one with a green paper outer sleeve and one in a black plastic outer sleeve - both of which I've lost over the years.

ABOVE LEFT:  the Clash - the Clash (1977) One of my friends has drawn my attention to album covers that perfectly LOOK like what they sound like (his example of this best being illustrated is Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps). When you see the first Clash album cover, with the distressed Kate Simon photo, the torn edges, an the bold band logo, you know exactly what it's going to sound like. 
ABOVE RIGHTDonald Byrd - A New Perspective (1963) Design and photo by the incredibly talented Reid Miles. Really, I have to limit myself on Reid Miles cover faves to keep this just being a Reid Miles collection. 

ABOVE LEFT:  New Order - Power, Corruption and Lies (1983) The UK version without the text - one of Peter Seville's best. Using Henri Fantin-Latour's "A Basket of Roses" as a base.
ABOVE RIGHTthe Replacements - Let It Be (1984) A great band photo by Daniel Corrigan taken on the roof of Bob & Tommy Stinson's Mom's house.

ABOVEMadness - One Step Beyond (1979) Another one of my favorite band photo's ever! Madness in full Nutty Train mode. although not with Chas Smith (who hadn't officially joined the band yet, although it's his dance moves featured on the back cover).

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