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Friday, May 10, 2013

Shuffle-a-gogo: MP3 randomness

I'm in a shuffle mood. Pretty simple concept: set the MP3 player on shuffle and post the first ten songs.

1. PRETENDERS - Private Life (Pretenders 1980) The Pretenders debut is about as perfect as a record gets. One of the best debuts ever.

2. QUEEN - Another One Bites the Dust (the Game 1980) I remember walking to Rainbow Records in Darien to buy this single and being very bummed they didn't have it in stock. I think that's what prompted me to finally join the Columbia Record club since the Game was featured in their current ads.

3. DAVID BOWIE - It Ain't Easy (Ziggy Stardust 1972) For some reason this song is sounding even more awesome than usual this morning. It might be a Ziggy morning once this shuffle is over (Bowie's Ziggy, not the pantless Tom Wilson cartoon character).

4. the RIFLES - Peace & Quiet (No Love Lost 2006) High energy pop from London with ringing guitars and oversized hooks. This was one of my favorite albums of 2006 and I was pretty confident this band was going to be huge. I can't imagine them not being insanely fun live.

5. the dB's - Live is For Lovers (Like This 1984) Pop perfection - this is up there with "starry Eyes", "Radiation Vibe", and "Yellow Pills" as one of the all time great pop singles.

6. the dB's - the Fight (Stands for Decibels 1981) A dB's twofer! This Peter Holsaple song is a big fave from the first album. Actually, I can call anything from the first 3 dB's albums a big fave.

7. ARCWELDER - Remember to Forget (Pull 1993) This underrated Minneapolis trio is one of my favorite American bands of the era and I've never understood why they didn't get more attention. The have a powerful rhythm section and a slightly dissonant wall of sound, but with hooks worthy of any great power pop band. Wearing my Arcwelder t-shirt has been rationed to extend it's life - I'll be sad when the day comes that it's gone through the washer one too many times.

8. the COLURFIELD - Take (Virgins and Phillistines 1985) Maybe the Ziggy morning will go on hold for a Terry hall day. Hmmmm....

9. TOMMY KEENE - Nothing Happened Yesterday (Places That Are Gone EP 1984) Sorry Terry Hall, now it's going to be a Tommy Keene morning. Tommy is one of the most reliable musicians out there.

10. the RECORDS - Keeping Up With the Jones (Music on Both Sides 1982) Another power pop fave. This is from the band's third album, which is actually the one I play the most. Critically this album gets dismissed, but many of my Records faves come off of it.

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