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Friday, April 19, 2013

Shuffle-a-gogo: the random goodness of the MP3 player

Time for another round of MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo. Set the MP3 player on shuffle and let 'er rip! First ten songs...

  1. the RANDY FULLER FOUR - The Things You Do (Bobby Fuller Four Never to Be Forgotten: the Mustang Years) After Bobby's death the Bobby Fuller Four was briefly retooled around brother Randy and released a few decent singles that have the BF4 sound, but in a lesser version.
  2. the HOT RATS - Big Sky (Turn Ons 2010) From the all covers side project from Gaz and Danny of Supergrass - this fuzzed out take on the Kinks was one that worked the best for me.
  3. X - Johnny Hit and Run Paulene (Los Angeles 1980) From the fabulous debut, this is one of my favorite American rock/punk songs from the era. Love the ripping great Chuck Berry opening riff and the exceptionally perfect John Doe vocals.
  4. EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - No Difference (Like the Deserts Miss the Rain) Tracey Thorn's vocals and the hypnotic trip-hop drums really make this song for me. From their final album, 1999's Temperamental.
  5. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE - Leaning Against the Wall - Bamboo Soul remix (Versus 2001) I wasn't originally a fan of the band's sleepy new folk sound, but this album of remixes was a staple through my headphones for quite a while, which eventually led me to going back and loving their proper records. Now I don't understand how I didn't fall for them right out of the gate.
  6. LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III - Motel Blues (Album II 1971) Loudon's tale of lonely desperation on the road and his attempt to lure a girl back to his room.
  7. the SUBURBS - Cows (Ladies and Gentlemen, the Suburbs Have Left the Building) "I like cows. And they go "moo"!" Beej Chaney tells it like it is from the Minneapolis band's herky jerky new wave debut.
  8. the VAPORS - Spiders (Anthology) From the band's underrated second and final album, Magnets.
  9. the DUCKWORTH LEWIS METHOD - the Nightwatchman (the Duckworth Lewis Method 2009) If you're only going to listen to one cricket themed band featuring members of Divine Comedy and Pugwash, I'd suggest you start with the Duckworth Lewis Method.
  10. the AFGHAN WHIGS - Night By Candlelight (Black Love 1996) This is the side of Greg Dulli I'm not a fan of. I prefer my Dulli less precious and more rocking.

That shuffle actually played a bit like a good mix tape. I like when that happens!

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