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Friday, December 21, 2012

Shuffle-a-gogo - some random MP3 player action

It's time for a little MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo action. The rules are simple: MP3 delivery device of choice set to shuffle/random, first ten songs, post em. Here's what I got today:
  1. the CRAMPS - Faster Pussycat (Smell of Female 1983) Cramps do a killer version of the swinging theme song of the Russ Meyer film, recorded live at the Peppermint Lounge in LA.
  2. X - I See Red (More Fun in the New World 1983) The fourth X album is my favorite, and pretty much every song is my favorite until the next one comes on.
  3. the SPECIALS - Do the Dog (Specials 1979) Not the donkey!
  4. IDLEWILD - There's Glory in Your Story (A Distant History: Rarities 1997–2007) One of the b-sides to "These Wooden Ideas" from the band's second album.
  5. DURAN DURAN - Drowning Man (Duran Duran aka the Wedding Album 1993) I was never actually a big DD fan until their surprisingly great comeback in 93. This is an album that still gets regular play from me, although I always have to skip that horrifically misguided cover of "Femme Fatale".
  6. the SINCEROS - Socially (Pet Rock 1981) This skinny tie new wave pop song from the London band's second album sounds like equal parts Greg Kihn and Joe Jackson
  7. the ANGELS - I'm Scared (Darkroom 1980) Australia's Angels could always be counted on for at least a few great rockers on each album, but thanks in part to Doc Neeson's distinctive lead vocals even a basic pub rock song like this one sound great.
  8. JETS TO BRAZIL - One Summer Last Fall (Four Cornered Night 2000) For me the 2nd JtB album is Blake Schwarzenbach's masterpiece. Everything clicks - the song writing, the playing, his vocals. Over a decade later it still sounds great.
  9. BEACH BOYS - God Only Knows (Pet Sounds 1966) Hey, speaking of masterpieces!
  10. MADNESS - Swan Lake (One Step Beyond 1979) Tchaikovsky is skanking in his grave.

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