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Thursday, March 7, 2013


GODFATHERS - Jukebox Fury (Godfathers' Recordings)

The first studio album in 17 years from Godfathers hints at past glories, but unfortunately misses the mark.

Godfathers songs have always sounded huge. Even when the songs themselves aren't quite so grand, they rose above thanks to the passion of the music and the conviction of vocalist Peter Coyne. For a few years in the late 80's they were one of London's most powerful bands, thanks in part to the duel guitar attack of Kris Dollimore and Michael Gibson. By the mid 90's they had lost some of their edge, but still made compelling records that sadly many people never heard (or even knew about). Then they called it quits.

The band reformed in various lineups for some shows before finally settling on a lineup for their return to the studio. The only remaining members of the classic lineup are Peter Coyne on vocals and brother Chris on bass. In an inspired bit of self referential nostalgia, they've brought in the guitarist from their pre-Godfathers band, Sid Presley Experience. The band sounds energized, with Coyne's vocal snarl just as menacing as it was twenty years earlier and the hard edged R&B riffs are solid with some ripping guitar. But despite some promising moments, the album feels hollow. They have all the right ingredients for a great Godfathers record, but despite the best of intentions it didn't quite gel. Rather than a stellar return, they ended up with a record that sounds like a collection of More Songs About Love & Hate and Unreal World b-sides.


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