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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alyssa Miserendino's stunning photographs of abandoned homes

This afternoon I stopped by the Elmhurst Art Museum today and was quite taken by the work of Alyssa Miserendino, a Chicago photographer I'd never heard of before. As part of the museum's Art About Home exhibit, a series of photos from Alyssa's Our World Insideout project were on display. The series captures the images of vacated homes, starting with her own family home abandoned due to a family crisis in 2004. The pictures are stunningly beautiful while also being a bit unsettling. Each image had me creating back stories and trying to visualize what the spaces might have looked like when they were full of life. Alyssa has taken the subject from Chicago to New Orleans and Brazil. I look forward to seeing more from Alyssa in the future.

ABOVE: Living Room, Summer - I went back to this one several times at the museum, it absolutely captivated me.
BELOW LEFT: Albany Porch  BELOW RIGHT: Library, Summer

See more photos at alyssamiserendino and ourworldinsideout. Along with the OurWorldInsideout photos is a rich portfolio including beautiful travel, commercial, and images from a series of entire-stories-in-a-single-frame shots called Fuck You Norman Rockwell.

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