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Friday, November 9, 2012

MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo - where she stops no one knows

Shufffle-a-gogo: MP3 player set on shuffle, hit play, first 10 songs - no skipping.

  1. EMITT RHODES - Somebody Made For Me (Emitt Rhodes 1970) This is one of the great DIY home studio albums - with Emitt delivering an album of Paul McCartneyish songs that out McCartneyed what McCartney was doing at the time.
  2. LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III - the Doctor (History 1992) If you had to explain Loudon to someone and could only use one song as an example, this wouldn't be a bad choice for the task. For me History was the album where Loudon seemed recharged and stepped up his game after a series of decent but undistinctive albums. 
  3. SWERVEDRIVER - Sci-Flyer (Raise 1991) Huge guitars from the Oxford band's band debut. They venture into Sonic Youth territory a bit in the guitars, but with a much heavier groove than SY dabbled in.
  4. NAKED RAYGUN - Camarilla (Raygun...Naked Raygun 1990) A mostly forgettable song from the only Raygun album I don't love.
  5. RANK AND FILE - Pistol Dawn (Rank and File 1987) By the third album R&F had lost much of the charm of their first 2 albums and were making more generic radio friendly rock. The big meaty guitar intro here sounds like something Drivin & Cryin would have success with five years later.
  6. RANDY NEWMAN - Lover's Prayer (Randy Newman Live 1971) Damn South park has tainted my enjoyment of Randy Newman. Now when I hear him I think of "Fatty Doo Doo". Hopefully this doesn't long and I can go back.
  7. LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III - I'm Alright (Career Moves 1993) Recorded live after the album mentioned just a few song earlier in this shuffle. Just Loudon, a guitar, and a very appreciative audience.
  8. DODGY - Intro (Free Peace Sweet 1996) A 45 second instrumental - not much to speak of really.
  9. the SUBURBS - Goggles (Ladies and Gentlemen the Suburbs Have left the Building) Hey look Cudahys - you aren't the only ones with Suburbs loaded on the MP3 player! 
  10. SPARKS - Rockin' Girls (In Outer Space 1983) I used to play this album quite a bit when it came out, but this and it's follow up Pulling Rabbits hardly get any play from me anymore. I didn't even remember this song when it started. I think I need to go back and give those two albums another listen.

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