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Saturday, November 22, 2008

some unused song titles and/or phrases

Looking through an old Moleskine I found a list of phrases that I never ended up using. These were intended as song titles or possible mix disc titles, but never made it past a scribble in a notebook.

Evolutionary Line Jumpers
the Charles Bukowski Buffer Zone
Natural Selection and Your Choice of Potato
Driven to Drink (But Too Drunk To Drive)
the Kitch-Meisters Knick Knack Shelf
Reproach and Tackle
Monkey Wrencher's Folly
Three Cards Shy (of Four of a Kind)
the Contrarian's Yes Man
Self Appointed Thorn
Worse Case Piano
the Rembrandt of Office Supplies

A few of these I can still remember coming up with, but others I have no clue when they were written or what they hell they mean, if anything. I think I actually wrote a whole song for "Three Cards Shy (of Four of a Kind)" in my head in the car, but never wrote it down and now only the title remains.

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