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Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Kittens! New Kittens! New Kittens! Blanche, Norma, and Hank

We just got three new kittens - two sisters and a brother. They were from a stray cat that hangs out near one of our friends house. We obviously couldn't break up the set - so we welcome all three to our family.


ABOVE 3 PICTURES: My wife had already had a chance to see the three kittens (while they were still living in the bushes), but on the night I came to see them the two girls stayed in the bushes most of the time - but the boy was very friendly and definitely sold me (not that I really needed to be sold). The picture on the left is BLANCHE, on the right is HANK (who is also on top getting his first bellyrub)

ABOVE LEFT: Blanche  RIGHT: Hank and Blanche home from the vet
BELOW: The kittens cuddle together wwhen they go sleep and seem to big the bathroom mats.

ABOVE LEFT: Blanche  RIGHT: Hank  BELOW: Hank

ABOVE LEFT: Hank  RIGHT: Norma  BELOW: Norma

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