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Sunday, February 4, 2007

MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo

1) The SONICS - the Witch - One of the greatest garage riffs ever - a nice first selection.
2) DEPECHE MODE - Rush - Not one of my favorite DM songs, but I guess it made the cut when choosing songs to put on the MP3 player. Up until about 5 years ago I absolutely hated DM, and then through hearing the right combination of songs via my wife, I gave them another chance and became a fan.
3) PINK FLOYD - Bring the Boys Back Home - The Wall was one of the few entire albums I loaded onto the player, and now that this song has come up, it's making me second guess that decision.
4) EMITT RHODES - With My Face On the Floor - My favorite part of shuffle, is when this type song comes up. I haven't listend to this album in ages, and now I want go back and listen to all the Emitt Rhodes I have.
5) UTOPIA - Hammer in My Heart - This was the first Utoptia song I ever heard (actually, it was the video), and it's still a fave. From the the self titled album and a half, which I love as much now as I did in highschool when it came out. Although if I could only have one song off that record, I'd have to go with Libertine. I missed the brief window that this was on CD, but a friend burned it for me.
6) LOUIS JORDAN - Caldonia - Like a lot of people of my generation, I got into Louis Jordan via Joe Jackson's covers. For many years Louis Jordan was probably the only pre rock and roll artist that I loved and regularly played.
7) BOOKER T & the MGs - Green Onions - I hesitated putting this on the MP3 when I was picking songs off the Stax box, but now that I'm hearing it on shuffle I'm glad it made the cut.
8) CHEAP TRICK - Hot Love - There's a lot of Cheap Trick loaded, but for some reason they don't come up often on shuffle.
9) CROWDED HOUSE - I Love You Dawn - I didn't even remember picking this song when loading songs, and when it came up I didn't even recognize the title. But it's an awfully nice gentle Neil Finn song from Afterglow.
10) JESUS and MARY CHAIN - Blues From a Gun - Yeah, I thought Psycho Candy was cool as shit when it came out, but for my money, Automatic is the killer start-to-finish album in the J&MC catalog. And 15+ years later it still sounds fresh, cool, and a little dangerous.

Well, that was painless. But I really haven't loaded many guilty pleasures yet. I'm surprised XTC, Beatles, or Stones didn't pop up, since they seem to dominate my MP3 player.

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