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Saturday, April 15, 2006

mix disc: Lunar Minutia

1. JOY DIVISION No Love Lost (An Ideal for Living EP 1978)
2. BUZZCOCKS Certain Move (Buzzcocks 2003)
3. TERRY REID Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace (Terry Reid 1969)
4. the KINGSBURY MANX Greenland (the Fast Rise and Fall of the South 2005)
5. WORLD PARTY God On My Side (Goodbye Jumbo 1990)
6. TOM ZE Complexo De Epico (Todos Os Olhos 1973)
7. the 88 Nobody Cares (Over and Over 2005)
8. TOM PETTY and the HEARTBREAKERS Century City (Damn the Torpedos 1979)
9. MICHAEL CARPENTER Love Is Like A Bullet (Shoe Fetish tribute to the Shoes 2001)
10. BOSS MARTIANS She Moves Me (Making the Rounds 2002)
11. CHARLES BROWN and AMOS MILBURN Educated Fool (single 1959)
12. the CRAMPS Garbageman (Song the Lord Taught Us 1980)
13. CONSTANTINES Good Nurse (Tournament of Hearts 2005)
14. JOHNNY CASH - Thunderball (1960s prev unreleased)
15. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS She's an Angel (TMBG 1987)
16. BIG STAR Thirteen (Number One Record 1972)
17. the ROLLING STONES Rain Fall Down (A Bigger Bang 2005)
18. SUPERDRAG Hellbent (Head Trip in Every Key 1998)
19. NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Sing Me Spanish Techno (Twin Cinema 2005)
20. NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Unscheduled Train (Powertrips Down Lovers Lane 1993)
21. the DECEMBERISTS the Chimbley Sweep (Her Majesty 2003)
22. the FOLK IMPLOSION Waltzin' With Your Ego (Take A Look Inside 1994)
23. the BEATLES Fixing A Hole (Sgt Pepper 1967)
24. the OSMONDS - Crazy Horses (Crazy Horses 1972)

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