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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Downton Abbey + Tivo = Yo Momma

While searching for Downton Abbey Tivo decided that what we must really be looking for was "Yo Momma".

Downton Abbey + Tivo = Yo Momma

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mausoleum Seating: Queen of Heaven Mausoleum in Hillside Illinois

Hear are a few pictures of the seating options at the the Queen of Heaven Mausoleum in Hillside Illinois. The chairs and couches make you feel like you're stepping into a whole other era. I'll be quite bummed if the day comes that they upgrade to something more modern.


There are a few more pictures in my flickr set Mausoleum Seating

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl! Jazz Record Mart in Chicago

I was going through some old photos and found a batch of pictures of Jazz Record Mart from 2006 and 2008. That wall of 78's just fascinates me.

A Jazz Record Mart t-shirt autographed by Iggy Pop in the 80's.

MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo

And now we shuffle...

  1. the TROGGS - Summertime (Archeology 1867-1977) This is not the George Gershwin tune (which was a standard for many of the British Invasion bands to tackle). Instead, it's an easy going ode to the joys of Summer, with Reg Presley's vocal delivery that makes everything sound just a little bit naughty.
  2. JON LANGFORD - Hard Times (All the Fame of Lofty Deeds 2004) The former Mekon in full blown Johnny Cash mode.
  3. TENPOLE TUDOR - Fashion (Wunderbar: the Best of) Edward Tudorpole could hardly carry a tune, but he had a grand sense of sing-along fun. And thanks to his association with the Sex Pistols (namely for singing "Who Killed Bambi" in the the Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle) he achieved enough notoriety to get a few records out.
  4. REM - the Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (Automatic for the People 1992) Not one of my REM faves.
  5. DISPOSABLE HEROES of HIPHOPCRISY - Water Pistol Man (Hipocrisy is the Greatest 1992) One of the more laidback tunes with a hypnotic groove from Michael Franti's post Beatnigs/pre Spearhead band. Michael always has a bit of Gil Scott-Heron in his delivery, but here it seems extra Gilesque.
  6. the BEACH BOYS - I'm the Pied Piper (Holland 1973) One of the bonus cuts from the Mount Vernon and Fairway EP. This is probably my least favorite Beach Boys record of their first decade and a half.
  7. SAM the SHAM & the PHARAOHS - (I'm in With) the Out Crowd (Best of) Dumb fun 60's pop. "We don't have fancy clothes and cars but we're as groovy as can be"
  8. the STOOGES - LA Blues (Fun House 1970) The crazy-ass freejazz closer to the band's second album with Iggy kicking out some even-more-freaked-out-than-normal howling.
  9. the SHOP ASSISTANTS - Nature Lover (Will Anything Happen collection) A manic and delightful number from the Edinburgh band's self titled 1987 debut.
  10. POP WILL EAT ITSELF - She's Surreal (Box Frenzy 1987) From the band's debut.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My bedroom circa 1984

This was my bedroom shortly after graduating high school. A year earlier all 4 walls were 100% Who stuff (posters, record sleeves, and pictures cut out of one of the three copies of Maximum R&R I bought - one to keep and 2 to cut up). It looks like here it's down to 2 Who posters. I see a few Sparks posters, a Sid Vicious poster, a Fleshtones sleeve, a Big Black flyer, and a poster for the Chicago film fest. That appears to the be the cleanest the room ever was, which is probably why a picture was taken.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

surf-a-gogo: the Wonderfully Eerie Cinematic Photography of Alex Prager

I keep going back to the absolutely stunning portfolio of LA photographer Alex Prager and noticing new things in her pictures. Her staged photos have the feel of film cells and as soon as you see one you can't help but to start putting together a back story.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shuffle-a-gogo (MP3 player plus random)

It's time for another shuffle.

  1. BUZZCOCKS - Isolation (Trade test Transmissions 1993) This catchy-as-all-hell Steve Diggle cut from the Buzzcocks first album after a decade plus silence fits in nicely with anything off of Singles Going Steady without sounding like a retread.
  2. XTC - New Town Animal (in a Furnished Cage) (White Music 1978) A herky jerky number off the first XTC album with some kooky Barry Andrews new wave keyboards.
  3. GEORGE MICHAEL - Praying for Time (Listen Without Prejudice 1990) I actually have nothing against George Michael, but I do not remember ever putting this on my MP3 player.
  4. SUPERSUCKERS - the Schmooze (La Mano Cornuda 1994) The ending to the band's second album, it's a phone message from Jack Endino trying to get into the big Mudhoney/Supersuckers show.
  5. the JAM - Pity Poor Alfie swing version (Direction Reaction box set) One of the "Bitterest Pill" b-sides - is there actually a non-swing version of this? This is the only version I know.
  6. the DISTILLERS - Drain the Blood (Coral Fang 2003) Something from Coral Fang coming up on shuffle two weeks in a row? Any excuse to mention Brody Dalle is OK with me.
  7. KELLEY STOLTZ - Words (Below the Branches 2006) A gentle tune with a 60's California pop feel from the underappreciated San Francisco singer/songwriter.
  8. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Fade Away (the River 1980) Yyyyyup. Springsteen. OK.
  9. CHRIS MARS - Popular Creep (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 1992) As great as I think Paul Westerberg is, the first two Chris Mars albums are my favorite and most played of all of the Replacement solo ventures. These songs are tailor-made to be heard in a bar, which bums me out that he never toured. I vaguely recall him planning to send a Chris Mars cover band on the road to support the album, but I don't think that ever actually happened.
  10. the CANDYSKINS - Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Death of a Minor TV Celebrity 1998) This is not a cover of the fabulous Specials song. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ticket Stub Nostalgia: My life in concerts

Dipping back into the box of ticket stubs for some concert induced nostalgia.


The Who concert at Rosemont Horizon was my first concert ever - and thirty years a month later I'll be seeing them again at the same venue. The Sisters of Mercy show was a pretty crappy experience since Andrew Eldritch walked off stage during the second song after a girl ran on stage and hugged him and he never came back. I'm glad I saw the Clash, but it was with an asterisk since it was the post Mick Jones Clash on the Cut the Crap tour. The Cars concert goes down in my book as the second most boring I ever saw (seeing Yanni for a work function tops the list). Lords of the New Church were fantastic - it's a shame I never got another chance to see them live. The REM show was ther first show I saw in college and it was the first show I ever walked to, which seemed absolutely surreal since I was so used to have to trek into the city to see a live band.

The REM show was the one with Dream Syndicate opening that later resulted in their live record. I'm pretty sure that that was the Graham Parker show where he did the setlist chronologically by album release.

Two Finn Brothers ticket sutbs? The Mrs' ticket must have gotten into the batch. We'll just say it's one stub for each Finn brother.

Didjits are the band I've seen more live than other band by a longshot, but I don't have many ticket stubs since they tended to play at bars that didn't have preprinted tickets.

One of the benefits of keeping ticket stubs is reminding you of shows that you forgot you saw. I forgot I saw Power Station live on their comeback album tour. I even met Robert Palmer! Sadly Bernard Edwards died shortly before the tour - I would have loved to have seen him live.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shuffle-a-gogo - some random MP3 player action

Shuffle-a-gogo: MP3 player device of choice set on shuffle, the first 10 songs that pop up (no skipping!), and posted.

  1. STEREOLAB - Wow and Flutter (Mars Audiac Quintet 1994) For a few years Stereolab seemed like one of the coolest bands in the world, and then one day for no apparent reason I just stopped listening to them. It was around the same time I moved the Ultra Lounge CDs to the garage. And then recently I ripped a few Stereolab albums to the MP3 player and was pleasantly surprised at how great they sound again. Maybe I just needed an extended Stereolab vacation to recharge my love of them.
  2. TOMMY KEENE - Light of Love (Based on Happy Times 1989) From one of Tommy's two major label albums. The production is more beefed up and the guitars are a bit more muscular, but it's still unmistakably Tommy Keene.
  3. the DISTILLERS - Die on a Rope (Coral Fang 2003) From the LA band's last album - which is one of my favorite punk albums of the past decade. Featuring the raspy, pushed-to-the-max vocals of Brody Dalle.
  4. LE SERA - I Can't Keep You In My Mind (See the Light 2012) Le Sera is the solo project for Vivian Girls' bassist Katy Goodman. Real nice girl-group sounding indie rock. Currently a 2012 Top 20 contender.
  5. TED LEO & the PHARMACISTS - Woke Up Near Chelsea (the Brutalist Bricks 2010) Ted Leo is so damn consistent that I often have a hard time singling out a few songs as favorites, but this one off of his 6th album is up there.
  6. IGGY POP - the Passenger (Lust for Life 1977) La la la la La la la la. La la la la LA la la la!
  7. ROGER DALTRY - Avenging Annie (One of the Boys 1977) Roger's take on the Andy Pratt song - but since he was so macho he chose not to sing it from the point of view of Annie.
  8. DISAPPEARS - Hibernation Sickness (Pre Language 2012) Post punk from a Chicago band that obviously owns at least a few Fall albums.
  9. SCREAMING TRIBESMAN - Dream Away (Bones + Flowers 1987) Australian band with a vocalist that sounds quite a bit like Mitch Easter.
  10. JAMES - Come Home (Gold Mother 1990) I remember this sounds was absolutely huge live when I saw them at Metro and it just kept going and getting larger and larger. James were a great live band. 

Afghan Whigs at Lollapalooza

I'm not sure how it works when I'm watching a concert via a live stream from the comfort of my home. Am I still supposed to hold up my phone and take a picture of the band?

If so, here are the Afghan Whigs absolutely killing with a little Prince action. The sound is great from where I'm sitting, and they have a great selection of beer in the fridge. Thank you You Tube live stream.