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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Mix Disc covers

Here are some more old mix disc covers.....


ABOVE LEFT: WHAT POOR GODS WE DO MAKE, A Naked Raygun best of that might be the mix of mine that I've played the most

ABOVE: Two Roxy Music best-of mixes, splitting their career into two halves. The cover collages are supposed to be a parody/homage to Roxy's use of glamour girls for their covers.

BELOW: A Beach Boys best-of made up of only pre Pet Sounds era music and a collection of my favorite mash-ups (the ones that actually stand up to repeated listens)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shuffle-a-gogo: the randomness of the MP3 player

When it doubt, shuffle-a-gogo. 10 songs on shuffle with real time comments.

1. the SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS - The Girl Can't Help It - Supercharged garage fun. Times ten.

2. ZOMBIES - Whenever You're Ready - Pretty much anytime a Zombies cut comes up on shuffle it's a good thing.

3. FAD GADGET - Saturday Night Special - Fad Gadget dies creepy and eerie, while still being catchy, like nobdy else.

4. JOE STRUMMER and the MESCALEROS - Mega Bottle Ride - Ummmm....this song sounds kind of boring at the moment. I love Joe Strummer, but now I'm wondering why I put this on the MP3 player.

5. WONDER STUFF - Astley in the Noose - the Wonder Stuff CDs are mastered soooo damn low that it kind of bums me out every time they turn up on shuffle.

6. NELSON RIDDLE - My Three Sons - "His name is Bud, he cooks the food".

7. AEROSMITH - Come Together - Love it as much today as I did back in Jr High.

8. the LYRES - Not Like the Other One - There's a ton of marginal stuff in the Lyres catalog, but On Fyre is about as perfect as garage albums get.

9. ARLO - Runaround - One of those songs that I can (and have) listen to ten times in a row and still want more. That riff just kills me every time.

10. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday - War is still my favorite album from U2. For about a decade after this came out I was pretty down on U2, but I still played War on a regular basis.

That and a dollar will get you a ride on the bus.